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Things people will never tell you about having a chronically ill child.

1. When you hear people complain about their child getting tubes in their ears while your child goes under for the 20 something time, the urge to bitch smack the person complaining…but dont because you know you are starting to become a bitter bitch about thid type of shit.

2. Friends call you Jaded… even the sadest movies can’t bring a tear to your eye because the saddness you live with on a daylie basis has made you go numb.

3. You never make plans more than a day or two a head of time. The risk of a sudden hospital admission constantly hangs over your head. This makes life damn near impossible. Try pulling together a birthday party in 12 hrs and come talk to me.

4.You see your child nurses more than your friends. And for some reason this doesnt make you nearly as sad as it should.

5. If people suggest you spoil your child you turn into the evil bitch monster from hell… and likely say something along the lines of “how dare you! You have no idea what he goes through! Did you live with organs out side of your body?!?! No well shut the fuck up about his hot wheels collection…or I will gladly give you the experince of living with an organ on the outside.”
6. Long hospital stays are just a part of life… your friends know that on average you spend hald your life in the hospital with your kid.

7. If you didnt like coffee before you will now. Coffee is the one drink that is always around in the hospital…either you learn to love it or just start drinking a shit ton of redbull.

I sit here in the OR waiting room writting this on my cell phone passing the time while my son goes under for the 22nd time in his short 19 months. Life with a sick kid is never ending exhaustion. But its filled so much love. You become more than just your average mom when your child is sick. You become that crazy mom…or at least i did. But i am so much better for it.



Oh sweet mary mother of god….

Anonymous sent: You know that Michael Fassbender is a woman abusing fuckwad, right?


Cleared of all charges and wrong doing for any and all instances of accusation (of which (to this point) there have been no claims for OVER 3 years), he legally is innocent until proven guilty, and so we can only hold him accountable for any future mistreatment of women (or men) in which all evidence proves toward motivated and corroborated assault/battery/harassment.

Please don’t solicit me with your unsubstantiated and unwarranted assumptions, and instead hold accountable those in our society who commit these heinous acts against their family, lovers, friends and strangers every single day, and support the victims of these crimes.

If you don’t like Fassbender, FINE. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. YOU have the choice to watch his films; YOU have the choice to follow my blog; YOU ALONE get to decide what’s  right to YOU in this matter.

I PERSONALLY think he is a brilliant actor who probably made some really stupid decisions that caused someone harm, but both parties have moved on from it, and he has sought forgiveness and tried to turn his life toward a better nature. If anything should arise to prove otherwise, my opinions may change. Until then, I’m a Fassy fan.

If you care to read more, here’s a great blog post regarding this issue.

I gotta say this responce and the mentioned blog post express how I feel. For a number of years I have pretty privetly adored Michael Fassbender…but the internet either loves or hates him…depending on what day of the week it

So if you don’t like him sorry. I think he is good looking and a very talented actor….thats all *gets off soap box*

Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oscars

Oh sweet mary mother of god… i would pay to see this in person

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Reblog if one of your favorite characters has ever died.




reblog this if you’re still in denial about one of your favorite characters dying,
however many years later.

Yes. And yes.

They are not dead because they lived on my fan fiction.

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sassy men

I show this picture to my bf and he said… “whats loki doing dancing with Sherlock and Magneto…is the world going to end?” Very serious like… “no saddly….tumblr…fairly sure its a fake…” he smiles “keep dreaming…whats for dinner.

The first time Jax has ever sat in his big boy chair and he gets his Loki lean on…. thats quality parenting skills if I do say so myself!


i’m actually pretty sure those weren’t normal cookies

It might just be lack of sleep…. but i just irl giggle snorted at the comment.