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however many years later.

Yes. And yes.

They are not dead because they lived on my fan fiction.

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sassy men

I show this picture to my bf and he said… “whats loki doing dancing with Sherlock and Magneto…is the world going to end?” Very serious like… “no saddly….tumblr…fairly sure its a fake…” he smiles “keep dreaming…whats for dinner.

The first time Jax has ever sat in his big boy chair and he gets his Loki lean on…. thats quality parenting skills if I do say so myself!


i’m actually pretty sure those weren’t normal cookies

It might just be lack of sleep…. but i just irl giggle snorted at the comment.


"Hello, I’m Tom Hiddleston"
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We know who you are…..


if you’ve come across benedict’s address lately, please don’t spread it around or attempt to go there. i don’t know what security he has on his place, but please keep in mind that he needs some privacy to himself.

thank you for respecting his privacy.

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Click here to support Help Super Jax Get Some Wheels by Tierney Butler

 This is to help my little guy…. we have had a hell of time with Jax, spent most of his 18 months either in the hospital or very close to it and not home. Which has taxed us greatly. We learned recently that Jax isn’t going to be able to walk and his doctors want to get him in a wheelchair as soon as possible but the only one that will work for him is one that insurance will not cover. I normal try to keep as much of my personal struggles off of my tumblr as possible (I used tumblr as my escape) but if anyone would be willing to help we would be very grateful, even if it’s a few dollars or even just sharing Jax’s story… the more people who can know about this rare condition the more we will be able to raise awareness so hopefully another family will not go through the hell we have…


That one show you know literally everything about because of tumblr even though you’ve never actually watched it.

^^^^^This would be Dr Who… I will get around to watching… eventually. Apparently my mother is quite obsessed with it. <.< and she is horribly ashamed I haven’t seen it yet.