I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

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Texts from Jotun

I think my favorite thing about Pac Rim is that it gave us the term Drift Compatible


because in English there is no good way to explain a very deep, often, platonic, love and understanding between two people of the same or opposite sex. The closest thing we have is best friend and that doesn’t dig deep enough for some people or explain the absolute love


Oh my 👌

as a follow up post to my last…

my dashbord and tumblr must have been aware of the fact that my life was recently ruined by Hiddles… because there is a flood him on my dash… not complaining but I am starting to think that this a pandemic.

Sooo my son is very into Thor…

17 months old but loves Thor… proud my geekness has rubbed off on my adorable little boy..

The problem is I never really had watched Thor…

and WHAM Tom Hiddleston as Loki… unleashed mommy’s dormant fangirl in full force.

Why was I not warned of this… someone should have told me don’t google him.. he will ruin your life and expectations of men forever. HE DANCES! That man’s hips nearly gave me a heart attack! The hair… the voice… it has just ruined me.

There needs to be a PSA put out about this man… for serious.


On my way!

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“I will”, Ned promised her. That was his curse. Robert would swear undying love and forget them before evenfall, but Ned Stark kept his vows. He thought of the promises he made to Lyanna as she lay dying, and the price he’d paid to keep them.
- GoT, pg. 380