His face is perfect. I hate be one of those moms that think their kids are perfect..

Jax is far from perfect… but damn it he is fucking handsome! I high hopes for this kid and those cheekbones!


Yes indeed it is. That baby doesn’t look so please though XD I would kill to be that baby.

This made me laugh far too hard.


Thought about you. somerecycledideas


by Eric Ray Davidson(x)

Fan fiction writers are blessings to this world

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Sherlock Meme  |  [1/7] Outfits
  ↳ The Purple Shirt


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My boyfriend calls Benedict Cumberbatch my “boyfriend”

Actually in my life my boyfriend calls Benedict my “husband”

Fassy is “the irish husband”

And Tom is “my replacement”

At least he knows his place lol